Elopement Locations in Colorado

Family Portrait Locat Area 

Favorite Family Portrait Locations

I get these questions a lot! Where are my favorite places to take photos of families? What looks best? What is the most Colorado? Is there somewhere that is close to my home? Is there a great place in the area that Grandma can go to?  Etc. There are so many answers to all of those questions so I have decided to compile a list of the family portrait locations that I love working at and why. Hopefully this helps answer some questions that you may be having. Check them out! And, as always, if you have any questions about anything, just let me know!


White Ran


ch Park

o   White Ranch Park is located in Golden, CO and is home to mountain bikers and trail 


Here is the first one – still needs some tweaking & add ons – so would love all your thoughts!

If I Were Eloping… 

As some of you all know, I’m already married (shoutout Rayro!), but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally dreaming about an elopement of my own. (I want to add a sentence here about the benefits of elopements – more affordable, less pressure, great pics, etc etc, would love from your perspective) So here it is, my top 10 places that I would elope to…
1. Telluride – need I saw much more, just one Google image search shows you why this place is high on the list. 
Recommended spots: 
– San Sophia Overlook
– Bridle Veil Falls
2. Great Sand Dunes National Park – fun fact: they are the tallest sand dunes in North America, and the backdrop can’t be beat. They are not usually crowded and full of so much beauty.
3. Steamboat Springs – Ski towns make the list and it’s for obvious reasons – epic scenery and epic skiing, Steamboat is no exception. 
Recommended spots:
– Old House and Ski Resort (is this the right name?)
– Steamboat Lake State Park
– Rabbit Ears Pass
– La Joya (is this the right name?)
– Top of Steamboat Ski Resort
4. Silverton – If you’re looking for a bad a** adventure elopement, this is IT. No, not the ski resort, but hop on a couple of 4x4s up to the lakes, and we’ve got it. I’m talking rugged a** peaks and views. 
5. Ouray (need a little descriptor here – any thoughts? I’m not familiar with the area)
Recommended Spots:
– Yankee Boy Basin
– Crystal Lake
– Any cute little hotel in downtown Ouray
I love the San Juans to say the least. 
6. Boulder County Open Spaces – if you’re trying to stay a little bit closer to home, Boulder County is it. More accessible options, but same amount of impact!
Recommended Spots:
– Lost Gulch 
– Flagstaff Mountain
7. Black Canyon of the Gunnison – it someone wants to let me plan this one, I got you. Picture this, cemerony at the top overlooking the canyon, and then a raft trip down the Black Canyon (can anyone say f**king epic?)
8. Ski Elopement – if you spend 50% of the year dreaming about the other 50% you’re going to spend on the mountain, this one is for you. 
Recommended Spots: 
– Copper
– A-Basin
– Steamboat
– Wolf Creek
– Vail
9. Rocky Mountain National Park – a super popular elopement spot, but for good reason too. 2 hours away from Denver with incredible views, sign me up. 
10. The Garden of the Gods – a tried & true. The Garden of the Gods gorgeous as always, but can be pretty busy, so be warned. 


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