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How It Works


Fill out the booking form with as much detail as you can. Once I receive the form, I will email or text you back right away so we can set up a time to chat about your session.


Once we get all the details squared away, I will send over a contract along with a Quickbooks invoice for the retainer. Once I get the signed contract and retainer payment, the date/time is officially yours and we can start planning.


For weddings, I reach out about 2 months before your wedding to start drafting your timeline and we finish it up about 2 weeks before your day. If you are eloping, we will start planning right away. For smaller sessions, I make sure that our plans are finalized one week beforehand.

Did You Know?

Photography permits are required for most places in Colorado. Permit costs range anywhere from $25 – $350 depending on where you are looking to go! I always purchase annual permits for some the Front Range Parks and Open Spaces so I can go their anytime but annual permits are a rare commodity. A lot of permits require that you apply for them at least 2 – 4 weeks before the session. If you are looking to have an outdoor session at any of our beautiful National Parks, on National Forest Lands, or BLM lands, please get in touch right away so I apply for permits right away.


In addition to the customizable packages below, I work with you to create a package that fits exactly what you are looking for for your session or event. This is a great option if you are looking for multi-day coverage or semi-annual events. Reach out about it! I don’t bite 🙂 



– Every session that I book comes with an album? Yup, I initially design your album and we work together to finish it up. You can customize the album to how you would like, down to the color and font on the cover. 

– All of my collections across the board are named after Colorado 14ers. It was once an ambition of mine to climb all 58 Colorado peaks that are above 14000ft. My mind still says yes and my body says otherwise. 🙂 Even still, the Colorado mountains are a huge inspiration to me and my work. 

– All of my partnerships, from hair and makeup, to custom artwork, are all very intentional. It is very important to me to work with businesses that share the same passions for sustainability, love for the community, and that are inclusive of all.






I have created 5 wedding collections that are all unique and are based on what past couples have wanted and liked in the past. Each package is meant to be a starting place and then is tailored to fit everyone’s day and vision perfectly. 

My collections start with 4 hours of wedding day coverage, which I feel like is the minimum number of hours that I need to tell the story of your day. On average, most couples book us for at least 8 hours, which usually allows for us to tell the story of your whole wedding day or most of it

If you are unsure of how many hours of coverage is right for you and your day, just let me know and I am happy to talk you through it. We can work together to figure out what is best for your day! . 


Outside Colorado or Abroad


No need to hassle with my travel plans. All travel costs and fees are included and I take care of all my (our) bookings, including flights, hotel, car rental, gas, international work visas and fees, and all other travel expenses. Depending on location, especially if your ceremony is in another country, this would be one of the few times where I would hire another photographer {outside of the LLPHOTO team} that lives in that area. Their work will be heavily vetted, but their local expertise will also be of great benefit. 



mt. elbert



  • • 10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • •Second Photographer
  • • Engagement session anywhere in Colorado
  • • 10 x 10 Heirloom Album
  • • $500 print credit for custom wall art
  • •Video slideshow

mt. lincoln



  • • 24 hours of total coverage
  • • Multi-Day Coverage
  • • Engagement session anywhere in the U.S.
  • • 12 x 12 heirloom album
  • • 2 gift mini heirloom albums
  • •Video slideshow





Eloping in Colorado is definitely an experience that you won’t want to miss. Eloping with LLPhoto+CO is an even better experience. Having grown up and lived in Colorado virtually my whole life, I have had the opportunity to explore all of Colorado, from the mountains, to the canyons, sand dunes, and the cities. Making it my job to not only document, but to help you plan the most badass elopement day possible, is very special.  

Because most elopements range anywhere from 2 – 15 people, it allows for a lot of room fro creativity, activities, and travel. If you choose to elope in Colorado, you will have access to the great outdoors and my team and I will be your guides. Depending on the time of year, we can take your to a remote location, possibly on foot or by 4 x 4 vehicle. If winter is more your style, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, and more are always good options. Whatever you envision your day to look like, we will make it happen!  


My wedding collections and elopement collections are similar, though there is quite a bit more that goes into planning for elopements than for weddings. I definitely help with a number of planning tasks for my eloping couples though I don’t mess with travel arrangements for anyone, couples included. In the event that you want everything planned, down to travel arrangements for everyone, I am happy to help though full planning pricing is not included here.  

The starting collection for a 3 hour of local elopement is $3200.00. The average spend for a full day of elopement (8 – 10 hours) is $7500.00. The retainer fee for local elopements is $1000.00 and for $3000.00 for destination elopements. Payment plans are available.



We love it and would still love to be your guide, regardless of where in the world you choose to elope or marry. My love and passion for travel has allowed me to explore many areas of the US and the world and I would love to take you to one of those or to somewhere new! I will be or become the expert on where we are traveling, know all the ins and outs, and be sure to provide an experience that is totally unique and perfect for your day! 


A few of our favorite places to travel for weddings and elopements are: Alaska, the PNW, Wyoming, Montana, the Southwest, California, Arkansas, New England, North Carolina, and Georgia.  While we haven’t worked many places around the world yet, we plan to! I do want to add that we all travel extensively! I should have all 50 states crossed off the bucket list in the next 2 years and then after that, the goal is to go to every country in the world (I am a quarter of the way there). 




Whether you are looking to book an engagement session, vow renewal, military homecoming, anniversary session, or proposal, you have come to the right place! Each of my packages are designed for just that – some a little more robust than others. Similar to the rest of the collections, we can customize any and all of the packages to fit exactly what you are looking for. 

Looking for a little adventure? Depending on the type of activity, there is liked no additional cost.   If you choose to add on an activity that does have an associated cost, I am more than happy to act as your planner and book everything and pass the cost along to you. If you are looking to add a little adventure into your session, here are some activities that are included in my collections: skiing/snowboarding at any of the IKON mountains, a little backcountry ski adventures, snowshoeing, hiking, water tubing, swimming, off roading at certain locations, and biking. If you looking for something different but still adventurous, here are some more options: hot air balloon ride, rock/ice climbing, skydiving, rafting, heli ride, sleigh ride, snowmobiling, and boating. Basically the only activity at this point in my life that I will not do is BASE jump, but I do know a couple photographers who are into that and I would be happy to recommend them.


Maybe you aren’t the adventurous type and none of the above sounds like you and your partner… no problem! I am here for you and to capture the real you! I have captured couples playing video games on their wedding day because that is something that they want to do together. Maybe you love to cook? I would love to invite myself over 😉 and capture the two of you doing your thing in the Kitchen. Just a few more suggestions: playing board games, hanging at your favorite brewery, lifestyle portraits around your home, gardening, hanging out at a local park, or taking a dance class. 


The starting collection for a 30 minute couples session is $600. The average spend for a couples session is $1900. The retainer fee for Denver couples session is $250 and $500 for sessions outside of Denver . Payment plans are available.



I offer two sets of boudoir collections: studio and outdoor/adventure. All collections include hair and makeup, location/studio fees, digital images, an online gallery, and an album. The only difference you will see from my boudoir collections and the other portrait collections is that I do NOT give you permission to print photos anywhere outside of my printer. I do that for no reason other than for your own safety. If you have specific questions about this, please feel free to ask. To help with this, I do offer prints in several collections.  

The starting collection for a 2 hour boudoir session is $900. The average spend for a couples session is $2800. The retainer fee for all boudoir sessions is $500. Payment plans are available.


  • • Start off by joining myself and the hair and makeup artist at the studio. We will pamper you and will some  champagne ready for you while you are getting your hair and makeup done. 
  • • From there, we will go through your outfits together and make a plan for the session.
  • • We will work together to get some amazing photos and poses.
  • • Afterwards, we will go over next steps and plans for purchasing products


Start off by getting hair and makeup done – depending on the type of adventure we are having, this could be at their studio, at your or my home, or on a trailhead

  • • From there, we will get everything that we need for our day packed up and ready to go
  • • Once we arrive at our destination, we will go over all outfits and make a plan for the session
  • • From there we will work together to get some amazing photos and poses. Safety is my number one concern at all times with boudoir so your comfort level will be taken into account with every location and pose. 


    My lifestyle portrait collections are designed for “all things people”. Maybe that is a family session, graduation, a birthday party, family reunion, a vacation, the birth experience, senior portraits, saying goodbyes, celebrating friendships, and much more. Because every session is quite different, these collections are a really good starting place but are often DIYed for fit exactly what you are looking for. 


    Similar to any of my other collections, all of my packages come with an album and/or other products. Especially for lifestyle sessions, these products can make for a great addition to your home or are great for gifting. I work with you to design the album and artwork so it fits your space perfectly.  


    The starting collection for a 30 minute couples session is $600. The average spend for a couples session is $1900. The retainer fee for Denver couples session is $250 and $500 for sessions outside of Denver . Payment plans are available.

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