Photography Jobs And Internships


Looking to fill an associate or second photographer position? I would love to work with you! As a business owner and primary wedding photographer myself, I understand how important it is to find someone who will be a great match – artistically, professionally, and personally.

Here is some info that might help determine if we will make a great team:

  • I have owned my own successful wedding photography business since 2016 and have over 100 weddings under my belt. Canon Mark IV’s and an R6 are my current work horses. My go to lenses are a 135, 85, 24 – 70, and a 16 – 35mm. All L series Canon lenses. In addition to my speed lights, I use an AD200 light for OCF. I am a one light kind of gal but I am happy to remote into your light setup.  

  • I am fine hanging with either the guys or the girls during the “getting ready” portion of the day! I am a Tomboy at heart and can relate well with the guys, but I can mingle with the ladies just as well.
  • I LOVE some detail shots. I consider myself to be a documentary style photographer and am moments driven.
  • While working in the service industry, I have acquired the ability to eat a 4 course meal in under 5 minutes, which also comes in handy on wedding days.
  • I have a books worth of dad jokes on hand. 
  • I will always arrive early – trust me. Time related anxiety is a real B.
  • I will never market myself or my business in anyway when I am at a wedding with you!
  • Are you like me? Clumsy? Get stung by multiple wasps at a wedding? Did you spill coffee down your shirt on the way to the wedding? Did you forget a water bottle? This has all happened to me so I am always extra prepared. I got you covered!
  • I charge $150/hr as an associate photographer or $65/hr as a second photographer + gas.


Interested in learning a thing or two about photography

I teach photography classes from time to time and am open to scheduling a 1-on-1 session with you anytime. Open to all ages. I am offering:


Digital Photography 1: Mastering Manual Mode

Digital Photography 2: Lighting, Composition, Other Techniques

Intro to Photoshop

Intro to Lightroom

Looking for a mentorship or internship program?

Reach out and we can create one together!