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Thanks for stopping by! Back at the beginning of February of this year, myself and a couple other photographers decided to go on a road trip and work together for a few sessions! The three of us have very different shooting styles and wanted to work with and learn from one another! We had 3 elopements set up, 3 couples shoots, and a family shoot. We knew we were going to be working a lot while we were gone, so we were prepared. We decided that if we could pick up any more sessions while we were gone, we would! And let me tell you, we hit our threshold! In 7 days, we ended up photographing 3 elopements, 2 family sessions, 1 lifestyle session, and 6 couples. It was a lot of shooting but so worth it!


We set out for our week-long adventure on the first Monday of February. You can follow our route on the map (photo). We spent our first night in Glenwood Springs. On our way to Glenwood, we planned a stop in Eagle, and had 3 sessions set up for that day in Eagle. With just the right amount of luck, we chose one of the worst days, as it was a windy blizzardy day. They closed down Vail pass after we got to Vail (thankfully) but it was just a nasty day. Our first two sessions lasted about 10 minutes and these poor women (us included) all froze our asses off! It was so bad, it was almost comical. Our third session was only a little better. We decided to change locations. We headed back into town – we lost a little in elevation and had a little coverage from buildings. It was still freezing but this session lasted closer to 20 minutes. Even with the cold weather, we still managed to capture some fun shots of everyone!

Thankfully, the cold stent only lasted one day. We were excited to get on the road and head to warmer weather. We got to our second destination the next day and got settled at our Airbnb in Moab. We didn’t have any sessions on our first day in Moab so we “took the day off” and explored! We went to Arches National Park and went on a little hike and then went into town and had happy hour at the Moab Brewery. It was perfect! I love Moab so much,  it is such a beautiful spot!


The following day, we spent lots of time preparing for our couples shoot and our elopement, which was happening that afternoon. We drove about an hour to a beautiful location, which overlooked the Canyonlands. Everything about that afternoon was magical. Fred and Sarah had the most beautiful elopement. My heart melted through the whole thing! David and Suzanna are the cutest couple and they were super outgoing and loved climbing on all the rocks :). It is difficult to describe in words the beauty of that afternoon so I hope the photos are able to tell the story.


The next morning, we got up bright and early, and decided to get on the road since we had a long day of driving ahead of us. There was a lot of construction along the way so it took us about  7 hours to get to Sedona, AZ. We were all pretty tired from the trip so we didn’t end up going for a hike or exploring much other than taking the scenic routes. It was all of our first times being in Sedona and we decided pretty quickly that we should have planned for more time here. This place is fabulous! Seriously, I cannot wait to go back for a fun trip.


The next day, we drove around, scouting out spots for our family session with Ian, Talisa, and their kiddos. Initially, we wanted to go to Cathedral Rock, however, it is definitely a tourist hot spot and was too crowded for our liking. We ended up choosing another spot in Red Rocks State Park that was just as gorgeous, but a little less saturated with tourists. We all had a great time! Especially the kiddos! They loved crawling all over the rocks and they loved “playing photographer”. This session was so much fun! Sadly,  that was it for our time in Sedona (in Arizona, in general), but that’s ok because I will be back!


We took off bright and early that morning as we had a very busy day ahead of us with 4 sessions (2 elopements, 1 family, and 1 couple). We drove straight to Elena Gallegos Park, just outside of Albuquerque, which is where we met everyone! We spent a little time scouting out the area and then worked for the rest of the afternoon! Between the mountains, the sunset, the cactus, and all the sweet and intimate moments we shared with everyone, it was the perfect afternoon! Exhausting, but perfect!! We drove to Santa Fe after, met up with some friends for dinner, and then headed to my husband’s uncles’ place, which is where we stayed for the next 2 nights. Does that make him my “uncle – in – law”? Haha


The next morning, we went to the plaza and walked around downtown Santa Fe for a bit, which proved to be a very bad idea. The Santa Fe Olive Oil store really sucked me in and spit me out. I went in feeling good about my level of self control. I left with $150 worth of fancy olives, olive oils, and jam. So there’s that. Next time I go to Santa Fe, I am not allowed to go to that store. After our little shopping spree, we headed up the hill a bit, to a nice little park, which is where we met our last two couples of the trip. Santa Fe just had a bunch of  rain and snow the week before we got there so some of the trails we wanted to go on were too muddy and were closed off. So we found a place that was perfect for both sessions, which was just off the beaten path! We lucked out for the first 30 minutes and had really beautiful weather but soon enough the wind picked up and the temps dropped quickly. We all still had a great time and the photos from that day came out well!


By the end of that day, we were all ready to teleport back home. Haha.  I think we were all tired, missing our SOs, and they were missing their pups! It was a great week and I think that we all learned a lot from each other. Next time, we all agree that we should make some more time for us to explore for fun and maybe stick to an average of 1 shoot per day. Here’s to the next trip and wherever that takes us!


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