Lifestyle Portraits Portfolio

Lyndsey Leach Photography

Lifestyle Photography means something different to everyone and every photographer. I consider it to be a type of photography that aims to capture people in real life situations. They are real, raw, mostly candid, and most importantly, they show the authentic YOU. Sometimes posing is required, but in general, I prefer to put you in situations where posing is not required. Moms and dads – get ready to play tag with your kids! You also might become a human jungle gym. High school seniors be prepared to hear lots of dad jokes. Looking for some fun updated headshots – fantastic – I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get some awesome shots that won’t make you look like every other 1990’s CEO! If you are looking for a fresh look for your brand, we will definitely be going over all of your brand descriptors and get those nailed down so we can get those perfect shots!